Plumbing Blackflow Devices

Plumbing Blackflow Devices



Many of us have seen these devices called Backflow valves, but do not know exactly what they do.

Simply put, a backflow device prevents wastewater from ever intruding your home or public water system, thus keeping us all healthy with good clean water.

For example if you were to submerge a residential garden hose into aswimming pool or hot tub without a backflow device water could siphon back into the residence water system thus contaminating the water and you could become sick by drinking it.

Over the years there have been incidences reported throughout the country.

Here's one example: A high school had ethylene glycol which is antifreeze spill out from an commercial air-conditioner and backflow right into the water system, sending eight teachers to the hospital.

Backflow devices are very important.

There are many ways we can help you test and prevent potential problems like this from occurring.

We offer a full range of services that relates to backflow prevention.

  • Backflow testing
  • Backflow certification
  • Backflow repair

In order to keep backflow valves lined with local government codes they must be regularly inspected every year. When you're backflow valve is up for another test, we will remind you so you will neer have uninterrupted water service.

**If a backflow emergency ever occurs, call us night or day we will take care of it.

**Our work is 100% guaranteed

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